Radon Side by Side Test for Real Estate Transactions $145/residential unit

  • 2 Side by Side Tests are used to insure accuracy. used are approved by Maryland Department of the Environment. No additional Costs at all.
  • Price includes Test Placement, return Visit and Lab Results Sent Via Email
  • Approved for Real Estate Transactions and Home Safety Testing.


New Radon Testing Law!
As of October 1, 2016, County law requires that “a single-family home located in Montgomery County must be tested for radon before completing a sale of the home.”  This requirement is contained in Chapter 40 of the County Code, as amended by County Bill 31-15.

Which Testing devices must be used?
The radon test must be done using a testing device approved for use by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  Each device has its own directions that must be followed to ensure accurate results.

Radon Testing for Real Estate Transactions

To perform a Radon test for a real estate transaction the EPA recommends that two test devices be placed side by side in the lowest livable area of the home. The test devices must remain undisturbed for 48 to 96 hours under closed house conditions. Short term closed house testing is the quickest way to determine the potential for a radon problem.

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